What is Peak Notions?

Have you ever wondered what a can of artist’s poo (yes, really) can tell us about beauty, or what the benefits of grief are? Have you ever engaged in a class analysis of reality tv, considered how the philosophy of mental illness influences medicine, or wondered why women are so into True Crime (we are – it’s weird)?

I'm Laura Kennedy, a freelance journalist, editor and ex-philosopher. My writing has appeared in The Sunday Times STYLE, The Irish Times, Vogue Online, Irish Tatler and more.

This may be an unusual admission for a journalist, but my best work is generally unpublishable in traditional media. That’s because I’m doing something new – writing for myself, to understand rather than to convey. Here on Substack, I cover what I’m interested in – diverse topics within popular conversation. The ideas and concepts that shape and impact our everyday lives. If you want to explore the ideas that form our worldview in ways that are new, open-minded and curious you’re definitely in the right place. Peak Notions will make you think, laugh and find value even in perspectives you might not agree with.  

Peak Notions is your weekly deep-dive into what we presume we know — by a writer whose favourite questions are the ones we aren’t supposed to ask.

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The digital world is full of voices (often loud and disgruntled), but this is a place where you won’t find the obvious perspective, or the one you see everywhere else. By an Irish writer, editor and ex-philosopher.


Freelance writer, doctorate in philosophy, columnist, malcontent